I am regularly asked this question and the answer is always ‘Yes’. Despite the best efforts of advancing medical technology, the mortality rate for humans remains fixed at 100%. Yet millions of Americans refuse to accept death’s staggering winning percentage. Consequently, many of us fail to plan and die without a will.

Everyone needs a will and estate plan. A will provides for the distribution of your estate upon death. Many people also ask me: “But I don’t have an “estate”! I don’t own a home or have a lot of money. Why do I need a will?”

Suppose you are killed by a drunk driver in a traffic accident. Even if you have no assets, your estate may pursue a wrongful death claim or an attendant civil suit that may result in a large award of damages. Without a will, the State of Ohio will decide who gets what, and how much, based upon the statute of descent and distribution.

A will can enable you to accomplish the following:

  1. Make a specific bequest of real or personal property;
  2. Make special provisions for certain property or individuals;
  3. Name a guardian for minor children;
  4. Appoint an executor;
  5. Provide for charities or other non-family members;
  6. Disinherit someone;
  7. Leave the entire estate to a surviving spouse that may have only received a designated portion pursuant to Ohio law.

The Akron Probate Lawyers at Laybourne Law have prepared hundreds of wills for individuals throughout Northeast Ohio. Most people are surprised at how inexpensive, fast and hassle-free the process of preparing a will or an estate plan can be when they rely on an Akron Estate Planning Lawyer at our firm.

An Akron Probate Attorney can also provide advice and construct a plan so that your heirs may be able to avoid the probate process or opening an estate with the Probate Court.

Our Summit County Will, Trust and Estate Plan attorneys are also highly experienced with any and all estate planning matters such as Trusts, Living Trusts, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration and Will Contests.