The Debt Collection Attorneys at Laybourne Law have over Thirty Years of Experience in the Collection of Delinquent Accounts on behalf of a variety of commercial and individual clients, including several Akron area hospitals and medical service providers. We handle Hundreds of collection cases each year and are well-versed in Ohio Law and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our knowledge and experience enables us to produce client revenue efficiently and quickly.

We are a Debt Collection Law Firm. We can take action for you NOW, when a collection agency can’t.

That means we have the ability to file lawsuits, litigate accounts through the Ohio legal system and obtain judgment against the debtor. Once judgment is obtained, we are experts at putting wage garnishments in place, attaching bank accounts, or attaching property.


>> Understanding the difference between a collection agency and a Debt Collection Law Firm.

Even though we are a Debt Collection Law Firm, Laybourne Law has a non-legal staff of professional debt collection personnel. Our personnel is highly trained to utilize our computer systems, which track each and every account. When our clients have questions regarding an account or need status updates, there is always someone there to assist them quickly and efficiently. Our staff and attorneys are also trained in dealing directly with debtors and setting up installment payment plans when appropriate.

So if you’re looking for an experienced Akron Debt Collections Lawyer that handles thousands of collection accounts per year,
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